Beverage Air Refrigerators

Beverage Air has been selling refrigerators since 1944. Their high quality and useful products helped them to rise to the top of the competition in a short amount of time. Soon they were the leading manufacturers of beverage refrigerators and in the entire food industry.

More than sixty years ago they created and marketed the world’s first horizontal bottle cooler that made transporting cold drinks to any place we needed them. They have never ceased to create beverage air refrigerators that are high quality, heavy duty, and built with the latest technology available in this industry.

Beverage air refrigerators offer wine coolers, undercounter beverage refrigerators, commercial beverage refrigerators, and so much more. Thanks to their affordable prices they have become one of the best and most popular companies to deal with.

You can order one of their beverage refrigerators for your home, office, apartment, and dorm room on the internet or at a home department store. Just make sure to measure the area you would like to place it. This will help you to determine what size your refrigerator should be. Also consider how many beverages you would like it to hold. If you plan to use it to throw large parties or to hold a large amount of drinks to purchase a larger size.