Marvel Beverage Refrigerators

No one wants to drink wine or beer that is warm. Marvel understands this and has created a variety of beverage refrigerators that are made with only the best quality materials and have a sleek and sophisticated design. With a great design on the outside the Marvel beverage refrigerators can be placed in any room that they are needed in.

Each Marvel beverage refrigerator is built with special components and features that makes it one of the best commercial beverage refrigerators on the market. The features include:

  • Two temperature setting for properly storing wine and other beverages.
  • Can hold up to 14 wine bottles and 133 twelve ounce canned drinks.
  • Is built with a MicroSentry refrigeration monitor that has a visual alarm. The alarm will alert you when the temperature rises or drops below what you have set it for. This could be caused because the door is left open.
  • Temperature and time is shown on an LED display
  • Control the temperature with their easy to use touch controls that give it a sophisticated look.
  • Wine racks have the ability to be extended with no hassles.
  • Store 2 liters and open wine bottles vertically by moving the coated wire shelf built with dual flip up sections. Comes with one extendable wine rack, one wine cradle, and two tempered glass shelves that can easily be removed.
  • Door is built with argon filled, dual pane, tinted UV resistant glass.
  • Every Marvel beverage refrigerator is built with the best design and only the best parts. Their elegant design gives you the ability to place them in your office or use them during parties at your home.