Undercounter Beverage Refrigerators

It is possible to find beverage refrigerators in a variety of sizes and types that will be able to hold different types of wines, beer, and sodas. Some types that you choose will restrict the area that they can be placed in. While it is true that most are not overly large and can still be placed in many different rooms (office, garage, bar area, kitchen, dorm room) where they are placed is limited.

Some people would prefer to utilize a beverage refrigerator without it getting in the way of much needed space. The best way to do this is to purchase an undercounter beverage refrigerator. These specially designed refrigerators have the ability to be placed inside a special drawer that leaves them hidden and out of the way of unseeing eyes.

There are many types of undercounter refrigerators that are placed inside of these pull out drawers or stored in smaller areas that keep them out of the way. At the same time they make them more accessible for people who do not wish to walk all the way to the garage or the kitchen.

Undercounter Beverage Refrigerators Features

  • Perfect Set temperature control. You will be given the choice to set the temperature between 33 and 43 degrees to ensure the drinks are chilled to the proper temperature.
  • Two half depth and fully extendable wine racks.
  • Three fully extendable glass shelves.
  • All controls are situated on the top of the door to be able to use easily. The door of the undercounter beverage refrigerator is a UV filtered, glass door that will help wine to keep its flavor.
  • LED lighting that allows people to view the contents.
  • Alarm system will tell you if the refrigerator is not working right or if the door has been open for more than five minutes.
  • Pure Advantage air filter that has the ability to circulate the air and filter it out.